World's Largest Microphone Array

Zoom in on the Sorama MEMS microphone technology. The Sorama Cam holds a stunning 1024 MEMS microphones, the largest number of microphones in a single array.



The new Sorama CAM1K is our top-of-the-line high-end sound camera that can see all the weak spots regarding noise and vibrations in products, rooms, outer space, bridges, ships, trucks, heating systems etc.

This CAM1K will support you in swiftly – without a lengthy trial-and-error process - solving noise and vibration problems and in creating more silent products and a healthier inner and outer space.

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The Sorama CAM64

The Sorama CAM64 is the first affordable multi-channel sound measurement instrument. Its 64 microphone channels deliver an unrivaled spatial accuracy.

In addition, the CAM64 is the only very easy-to-use sound measurement system that converts noise and vibration data into easy-to-interpret visual information. Without any need for academic acoustic support. For more information click here


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