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In addition to the recently introduced Sorama CAM64 we are now introducing the CAM1K. The CAM1K is the top-of-the-line product in the Sorama assortment of sound cameras for companies that want to reduce noise and vibrations of their products and improve sound design.

For more information about pricing, see the flyer.
For more information about the specifications of the CAM1K, see the spec sheet.

CAM1K versus the CAM64

The benefits of the CAM1K over the CAM64 -which excels in affordability and agility- are significant. The CAM1K has 16 times more MEMS microphones (1.024) and effective sensor area. This allows you to work a factor 30 quicker in near-field mode on surfaces equal or larger than 64x64 cm with frequencies ranging from 1Hz to 20kHz. For far-field applications the CAM1K is able to observe 4 times lower frequencies, starting at 50Hz upward.

Beamforming CAM1K

Short movie about beamforming with the CAM1K. In this movie the passby off a passenger bus and a car is analysed.


ResQtec, leading manufacturer for rescue and recovery industry, has successfully used Sorama technology to make one of their products the most silent one on the market today!