The CAM64

Sorama CAM64 - Visualising sound for everyone!

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The CAM64

The Sorama CAM64 is the first affordable multi-channel sound measurement instrument. Its 64 microphone channels deliver an unrivalled spatial accuracy.

In addition, the CAM64 is the easy-to-use sound measurement system that converts noise and vibration data into easy-to-interpret visual information. Without any need for academic acoustic support.

For more information about pricing, see the price calculator for actual pricing.
For more information about the specifications of the CAM64, see the spec sheet.

CAM64 in action

The short movie will introduce the CAM64 and it's possibilities.

The movie starts with a demonstration of Real Time beamforming of two speakers where one is then disconnected. Right after this Near Field Holography is used to show you the sound waves of the speaker, you can see that the tweeter and the main spreaker are out of phase with each other. In 3D this is even more clearly visible.

The second part of the movie shows the Real Time beamforming of a coffee machine making coffee. Different parts of the machine light up as the coffee maker is doing it's job.

The last part shows Real Time pressure when holding a tuning fork before the CAM64. First in the air, then when held agianst a solid plate.


ResQtec, leading manufacturer for rescue and recovery industry, has successfully used Sorama technology to make one of their products the most silent one on the market today!